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Auschwitz Birkenau Photos by Alex Johnson

  Rail Track inside Birkenau gate - looking towards unloading ramp Welcome to

This web site displays photos I took of Auschwitz Birkenau in May 2007.

During this visit to Auschwitz there was a dramatic thunder storm with darkening clouds building, lightning and thunder that rolled off into the distance for miles around, and strangely, only a few drops of rain.

As we drove from the main camp at Auschwitz towards Birkenau there began a pouring rain, and as we pulled into the parking lot the rain stopped. You can see the wetness on the ground in the photos at Birkenau that afternoon.

Corner Gate just to the left of the main entrance to Birkenau It is my hope that these photos will contribute to remembering the Holocaust in a respectful and honoring way.

Though they are taken over 60 years after the Holocaust, these Auschwitz photos are another record of what exists at this particular time in history in the location of Auschwitz Birkenau in Poland.

This Website is divided into 9 main Auschwitz Photo Pages, with 9 smaller thumbnail photos on each page. Each Auschwitz photo will link to a larger, full page version of the photo.


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This site is dedicated to the memory of all those who perished in the Auschwitz Birkenau camps.
We will never forget.

Alex Johnson


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